We know that the only way to really understand children is to spend some quality time with them. Preschool Manager/Leader Shahnaz Vayani explains how we do this at Kimpton…

“Last week I was able to spend part of my working day doing one of my favourite things – baking.  Since I started at Kimpton Preschool, the children (with adult assistance) have made pizzas, bread, muffins and cakes of all sorts – and I get just as excited about putting hundreds and thousands on as they do. Last week I also got to spend time reading stories to a group of children, who I can see are fascinated by the imaginary world they are entering. I got to dip tractors in paint and shaving foam and made tracks in the tuff spot.  Last week I got to play!  It’s a privilege not afforded to many adults and its one that I’m lucky enough to experience every day. Our children are very funny, warm, confident and kind. Helping to enable them to flourish is a real joy and a very satisfying experience.

Here at Preschool, we follow each child’s interests individually, observing their play and extending their experiences.  We ensure that we maximise the opportunities available in both our indoor and outdoor areas to enhance their interests, styles of learning and level of development. We allow our children to explore, encouraging them to face challenges and take risks both physically and mentally, within a safe and nurturing environment. By enabling them to develop skills themselves, we believe that our children’s confidence will be built and we will help them to become happy, secure and resilient individuals.

We work in partnership with the families of our children, with an open-door policy which helps us to support change at home and celebrate important events. We consider every child as an individual and hence promote multiculturalism in our preschool, where all children participate and learn about different cultures and their festivals.

For me, the best days at Preschool are not ones where the adults have devised activities and it all goes ‘to plan’. The best days are ones where the children take us to unexpected places, ones that we can build on the next day, through high quality play and learning.”

Shahnaz is a BA (Hons) in Early Years Education