Simply complete and return a Statement of Interest form, available to download or from our foyer. This, along with your £15 administration fee (see below for more details), holds your place on our admissions list. You will be asked to give a preferred start date at this point and we will contact you the term before that to give you an idea of how your registration is progressing.

Please note that completion of this form does not guarantee your child a place at Preschool as we cannot predict availability until closer to start date. We would, however, warn you in good time if we were unable to offer your child a place, and return your administration fee.

Our administration fee

Our £15 administration fee holds your place on our admissions list, pays for a book bag, and supports the work of the charity. However, in the following circumstances, it is not payable:

  • When the child is in receipt of FEE funding for two year olds (see Fees and Funding).
  • The child is in receipt of, or eligible for, FEE hours for three and four year olds when joining the setting.

Applying for 30 Hours Provision

If you wish to apply for 30 Hours funding please use this link to the Government Website  Once you have successfully registered your child, you will be given a code. You MUST provide us with the code for your child or we will not be able to claim the 30 Hours provision on your behalf

The fee is refundable if:

  • Your child uses FEE 15-hour entitlement only, and does not access any other service, such as Lunch Club. The fee will be returned when your child takes up their place with us.
  • Notice to withdraw from the list is received before our starter process has begun (place allocated and accepted, starter materials accepted).

Please print and return the form, with your administration fee if applicable, to:

Marina Philips, Kimpton Preschool, Linden Lodge, High Street, Kimpton, Herts SG4 8RB.