When can my child start?

We take children from between two and five years old. Most of our children move on to take up a nursery place in the September/January after their third birthday, but some children stay with us until they start reception (the term before their fifth birthday). As our routines and activities are tailored to suit the needs of all our individual children, any difference in age is easily accommodated.

See the EYFS explained page for more details.

We receive children into our setting at the following times: January, April (after Easter holidays) and September. When you register with us you will be asked to give a preferred start date (ie, Jan 2018) and we will contact you the term before that to give you an idea of how your registration is progressing. Please be aware that we do our best to accommodate individual requirements but cannot guarantee we will have a space for your child at your preferred start time – this depends on available spaces and the number of children on our admissions list. We also prioritise older children and/or those in receipt of Free Early Education funding.

Starting with us

We know it is vital to get early transitions right. They play an important part in children’s developing self-esteem and their ability to positively shape future experiences. Therefore we provide settling-in procedures that are individually nurturing to both parents and children alike. Open communication, warmth, honesty and patience are the key to building strong relationships and providing the secure foundations required for children to be able to delve happily into some of their first experiences outside of the home environment.

We offer a choice of settling procedures, to accommodate each family’s different needs and preferences:

Stay and Play starter events

We open our doors for these informal sessions before each new intake. Parents can chat with staff and ask questions; children can meet some of their new friends and get a sneak peek of some of the activities and toys on offer.

Short settle sessions

For those who require a gentle start to Preschool life, shortened sessions are offered at a reduced rate when children first begin attending. Drop off is 9.30am and pick up is 11am, giving staff an opportunity to offer more detailed feedback to new starters.

Straight into action

We found a significant number of our new parents wanted their children to come straight in to Preschool for their first sessions. We listened and adapted our starting procedures to incorporate the option for parents to drop off and pick up with more established parents.