Payment can be made by:

  • Cash
  • Cheque (‘Kimpton Preschool Ltd’)
  • BACS (HSBC / acc no: 51623389 / sort code: 40 23 11)
  • Childcare voucher (we are registered with a number of companies, but let us know if yours isn’t one of them)

Free Early Education (FEE) funding for three and four year olds

All three and four year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free early education for 38 weeks of the year. This applies until they reach compulsory school age (the term following their fifth birthday). At Kimpton Preschool this entitlement can be taken over five mornings (please note that Lunch Clubs are excluded from this funding). We aim to offer all children the full entitlement when they become eligible (although this cannot be guaranteed and may depend on when you registered your child). However, any hours not taken when offered may not be available at a later date.

Please let us know if you want to share the hours between Preschool and another setting.

Eligibility for FEE funding

  • If your child is born between 1st January and 31st March, you are eligible for funding from April.
  • If your child is born between 1st April and 31st August, you are eligible from September.
  • If your child is born between 1st September and 31st December, you are eligible from January.

Free Early Education (FEE) funding for two year olds

Free early education for two year olds is a funded scheme that entitles some children to access a place in a preschool, nursery or with a childminder for 15 hours per week, 38 weeks per year. You must be in receipt of certain benefits to qualify. Find out if you are eligible at

You can also find assistance with funding at your local children’s centre…/harpenden-rural-childrens-centres

Please note that you cannot check eligibility until your child turns two but we would urge you to register your child with us before that time. See How to Apply.

We want all children to have the chance to access our service so please contact us if we can help with your funding enquiries or you have a financial concern.

Payment terms & conditions

Administration fee

To register with Kimpton Preschool (KPS) parents must complete a registration form and submit the non-refundable administration fee of £15. KPS reserves the right not to admit any child if the parent(s) have not paid this fee. However, in the following circumstances, the fee is not payable:

  • When the child is in receipt of FEE funding for two year olds
  • If the child is in receipt of, or eligible for, FEE hours for three and four years olds when joining the setting.

The fee is refundable if:

  • Your child is taking FEE 15-hour entitlement only and not accessing any other service, such as Lunch Club. The fee will be returned when your child takes up their place with us and you confirm you will not be accessing any other service
  • Notice to withdraw from the list is received before our starter process begins (place allocated and confirmed by parent).

When your child starts, they will be issued with a book bag. If no administrative fee is payable, the cost of this optional item is £1.50.

Payment of fees

Fees are payable half termly, in advance. Invoices will be issued at the end of each term, via email, and payment must be made by the date given (usually five to seven days after term restarts). Payment can be made via BACS (our preferred option), childcare voucher, cash or cheque (payable to ‘Kimpton Preschool Ltd’).

If payment is not made by the deadline given the following procedures apply:

  • Late payment will generate an AUTOMATIC late fee, currently 10% of the invoice amount. This penalty fee will be added to your next bill.
  • If payment is not received five working days after the deadline, we will charge £5 for each the day the amount remains outstanding.
  • If payment is not received five days after this second deadline, we will issue a final bill for the unpaid amount, plus penalties, and your child’s place becomes forfeit until full payment is received.

If this occurs more than once we will ask you to discuss this with us and may not be able to continue to offer your child a place, unless they are already in receipt of Early Education Funding.

Paying via voucher companies

Ask at the office for details of schemes we are registered with. Vouchers will only be accepted if invoices are paid on time (payment must reach OUR account by the deadline). KPS reserves the right to refuse voucher payment on overdue fees and alternative payment (cash/cheque) will be required.

Absence or withdrawal of children from Preschool

Absence due to illness or holiday will still be charged at the normal session rate. In the event of long-term absence due to illness, speak to a member of the management team. Refunds will not be made where a child leaves or reduces their weekly sessions after the initial invoice has been issued. Refunds will be issued for exclusively non-funded children when Preschool closes a planned session. Parents are required to give a half term’s notice if they are withdrawing their child from Preschool. If a child is removed mid-term, we will not provide a refund under any circumstances.

Free Early Education Funding

Your child must have had their third birthday before 1st January to qualify for Spring funding onwards, 1st April for Summer funding onwards, or 1st September for Autumn funding onwards. You must complete and return a Parent Declaration form (provided) for us to access this funding. Failure to provide the relevant information by the given deadline means we will be unable to access the funding for you and fees will still be required. FEE sessions can be taken over five mornings. Lunch Clubs must be paid for and are not included in funding.

Booking extra sessions

Any mid-term increase in weekly sessions must be booked for the remainder of the term and you will be billed for this with the understanding that this continues into the next term.

Late collection

We reserve the right to charge late fees if you are more than 10 minutes late for pick up. This amount (currently £5 each 15 mins) will be added to your next invoice. Persistent lateness despite warnings may result in your child’s place becoming forfeit.

Payment difficulties

We can only sustain Preschool if fees are paid on time and in advance. We can occasionally be flexible on payments, but this is only available in exceptional circumstances. If you are having trouble meeting your financial obligations, please speak to the administrative manager immediately that you receive your invoice, or before if possible. Please do not wait until the payment deadline has passed to ask for help.

Returned cheques

In the event of a cheque being returned to Preschool’s bank account marked unpaid, we will contact the account holder and ask for payment by BACS or cash to be made, to include the fee charged by our bank for accepting the original cheque.

Serious financial breaches

Where a parent/carer owes money and is not prepared to agree a plan of action to clear a debt, their family’s place will be forfeit. Preschool reserves the right to withhold free entitlement funding in our setting for their child/children until the debt is cleared. We reserve the right to take appropriate action to recoup outstanding monies.

Snow and circumstances beyond our control

If we are unable to open due to adverse weather conditions, or other circumstances beyond our control, we still have to pay our staff in the short term, so we are unable to refund fees. However, we will endeavour to offer future free sessions equal to those that have been missed. If the situation continues for longer than two days then fees, where payable, become refundable.