How a session runs

We like to go with the flow at Kimpton Preschool and no two days are the same. However, a typical session runs something like this…

8.50am: Children are welcome to arrive any time from 8.50am to 9am. Greeted at the door by staff, they find their pictures and names at our self-registration board. The children are then free to choose from a range of activities: puzzles and games, playdough, our home corner or dressing up, the garage, computer or quiet corner, to name but a few. Parents can chat with staff or help their child to choose a new book from our well-stocked library.

10am: The children are invited to join circle time for songs, chat and sharing news and treasures from home. We sing, we sign, we count, we check the weather and the day of the week, we pass round mystery objects and feely bags, we look at our Table of the Week, we have even mastered a Mexican wave…no two circle times are the same! Sometimes we are lucky enough have a guest, or staff or children will bring in something from home to share with their friends. What we don’t do is ask the children to sit for too long, or longer than they are developmentally able, so this lasts as long as they want it to.

After circle time the children get together for group snack … here we practice some self-help skills (buttering our crackers or toast, pouring our own drinks), refine our manners while chatting to staff and friends.

Snack plates and cups cleared away, it’s time for freeplay. The doors to the garden open and the children are free to transport their play and learning inside and out. We provide a balance between adult and child-initiated activities; there are opportunities for cooking, gardening, constructing, problem solving, role-play, expressive arts and design and physical play. In addition, there is a quieter area where an adult is always on hand to help with a puzzle, engage in small world play or just read a story or two! Later in the morning, children can choose to join our ‘food exploration table’, where they can use a range of tools to chop, mash, grate (or simply eat) some fruit or vegetables.

11.30am: Tidy-up time to classical music. Children are encouraged to help clear away toys and activities with adult support, before a story or rhyme session.

11.40am: Active group session – parachute, ring games, lotto/board games, nature walk or larger toys
on the carpet.

11.50am: Home time for some, or the start of our Lunch Club session.

Join us for lunch

Lunch Club runs after every morning session, except Tuesdays, from 11.50am to 1.20pm. We provide a healthy and nutritious lunch for the children and they can enjoy an extended play, all under the supervision of staff. This is a great opportunity for children to develop and refine their table manners, sample different foods, learn to feed themselves, socialise with their peers and start to understand healthy ways to eat.

Club rules

  • They will be seated while they eat and, although they will be supervised while they consume their food, we do not force unwilling children to eat. We will do our best to encourage the unenthusiastic but we cannot guarantee all food will be eaten.
  • When you register your child with us we ask for all relevant allergy and/or intolerances but it is your responsibility to ensure we are provided with up-to-date information. We will provide you with a food sheet – please indicate on here if there is anything you particularly do not wish your child to eat.
  • Please ensure you pick up on time – late fees will be applied if a child is persistently picked up late.

How to book

If you would like to book your child onto our Lunch Club, you can email us or book at the office. You’ll find the latest menu and allergen information here.