Measuring progress and development

At Kimpton Preschool we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), a statutory framework that sets universal standards for learning, development and care for children from 0–5 years. At its core, it recognises that all children are unique and that learning and development must be planned around each child’s individual needs and interests.

You can find out more about the EYFS here.

How that works for us

We observe the children at play on a daily basis and their choices and ideas inform the following week’s planning. Our daily routines and planning are geared to embrace and enhance their individual interests, styles of learning and level of development. We then use written observations, as well as photographs of the children, to document their progress. These are compiled in a Learning Journal, our way of ensuring that what we provide is tailored to their needs and stage of development.

Your child’s Learning Journal

This is our record of your child’s time with us and it is yours to keep when they move on. It is also available for you to view on request, and is sent home every term for viewing. We hope that you will contribute to them, keeping us posted about any trips, new interests or skills your child has.

Working in partnership

We know that the best way to have a positive impact on children’s play and learning is by working closely with the people who know the children best – their parents and/or main carers. We ask you to keep us posted about their likes, dislikes, new skills and interests, so we can provide appropriate support and stimulation during our sessions. It is also helpful for us to know if your child attends any other nursery, or has a childminder, so that we can work in partnership with these other agencies when necessary.