Starting with us? Here’s what you need to know…

Arriving at Preschool

The garden entrance opens promptly at 8.50am and arrival is flexible until 9am.
If you arrive after 9am, entry is via the main entrance.

Departure time

Pick up time is not flexible. The children gather on the carpet at the end of session (11.50am or 1.20pm) and expect to see a familiar face when the doors open. If you are held up, let us know by calling 01438 833936. We reserve the right to charge a fee if you are late picking up.
If someone other than yourself is picking up, please sign our Other Adults Collecting book (see ‘Pick-up procedures’).

Health and safety reminders

We ask you to remember the following:

  • Once you have entered the playroom, your child’s safety becomes your responsibility.
  • You must not use mobile phones or cameras on our premises.
  • Do not let other children in your care play on our equipment as we cannot take responsibility for any accidents that may occur and you may be liable for breakages.
  • Buggies should not be brought into the playroom at any time – they can be outside by the garden doors, under the canopy, or in the foyer.
  • Parents are not permitted to park in the Preschool car park at any time.

Dress code

We encourage all kinds of play, from messy to outdoor, so advise that you don’t send children in their best clothes. Clothes should be loose fitting and comfortable: elasticated waists and simple fastenings encourage independence and are easier for staff to change should this be necessary. It is for this reason that we ask you not to send your child in lace-up shoes.

Please avoid slip-on shoes such as flip flops or Croc-style sandals, as these are not safe for our setting. Make sure that all clothes and belongings are named. In case of accidents, please provide a change of clothes in a named bag. If your child comes home in our spare clothes, please wash and return these items for further use as soon as you can.

When it’s hot, send your child with a sun hat and apply sunscreen prior to the session. When it’s not, make sure they have suitable coats and shoes.

If your child’s ears are pierced, studs only please, and they should be covered up with plasters, to avoid accidents.

Nappies and toilet training

There is no obligation for children to be continent when they join ANY preschool or nursery. Please inform us if your child is in nappies or pull-ups, as we have a procedure for checking and changing, and we will support your efforts to toilet train. Help us by putting your child in a fresh nappy before you drop off and supplying nappies and wipes in your named bag.

Dummies and comforters

We will support you if you feel these are necessary additions to your child’s time with us. After the first few weeks of settling have elapsed, however, we are confident these items will no longer be necessary. If your child’s reliance on these items continues while they are with us, we will meet with you to discuss further settling help.

Library books

If you would like to share a book with your child at home, our lending library is open every morning at drop off and at Lunch Club pick up. We have a wide selection of books and the selection changes weekly.

Session and other news

You will find parent information boards on the front of the building, on the wall as you go through the garden gate and in the foyer. We will also send you a half termly newsletter, plus any other important information, either via email or in your pigeon hole.

Table of the Week

Each half term is a different theme – a shape, colour, number or letter – and we ask the children to bring something appropriate from home. They are reminded at circle time and throughout our sessions so please support your child by prompting them and join them in the hunt for something suitable!

Daisy the travelling bear and Fluffy the adventure dog

Daisy is our bear, and Fluffy is our dog. and she loves to go out on trips and visits! She can be signed out at any time; ask a member of staff for the sign-up sheet. Fluffy also loves getting out and about, and he loves a chance to see something new! Fluffy can also be signed out, please just ask. It’s great if you can keep us posted about their adventures – see our “Daisy and Fluffy wall” for some ideas…

Multicultural activities

We would welcome ideas and practical assistance with multicultural activities. If you can help, for example, by showing the children how festivals are celebrated or how food is prepared in different cultures, please tell staff. Please think of us when you go on holiday, as we are always looking for authentic multicultural resources (for example, a piece of fabric or clothing, a shell, an instrument, even ideas for cooking or craft).

Parental engagement

We encourage your involvement in Preschool life and love to host visitors, so if you or a member of your family has a skill, job or interest they’d like to share, let us know. The children have tried out an electric guitar, watched tortoises gobbling up tomatoes, they’ve even met a bee-keeper. You may have a keen gardener or a musician in the family. You may just want to come along and help out one day. So let us know if you have something you’d like to share.

Learning Journals

These are available for viewing on request and are sent home every term, for your own contributions. Parent’s voice forms can be found in the foyer: let us know if your child has a new skill or needs support with something particular (such as mastering pedals or writing their name). These must be returned at the start of the term so staff can keep them updated.

Progress check at age two

The EYFS requires all children to have a progress check when they start at an early years setting. This is a short written summary of your child’s development and can be shared with the health visitor at your child’s two year check. If you divide your child’s care with our setting and another professional, such as a day care facility or child minder, the check is completed by the organisation or professional that spends most time with the child.

Working in partnership

It is helpful for us to know if your child attends any other nursery, or has a child minder, so that we can work in partnership with these other agencies when necessary. We also welcome feedback and ideas, and our staff are always available at the end of each session to discuss any worries or concerns that you may have. Additionally, we provide opportunities to talk to staff and other parents during our parent consultations and various social events.

Lamer Fields has an information board near the Preschool entrance; don’t forget to check that for details of courses, groups and information events.